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Phnom Sorsia

Phnom Sorsia

Updated: 2017-05-26 14:29:58

Phnom Sorsia is home to several natural caves. From the parking area, a stairway leads up the hillside to a gaudy modern temple. From there, steps lead left up to Rung Damrey Saa (White Elephant Cave). A slippery, sloping staircase (where one false step will send you into the abyss) leads down and then up and then out through a hole in the other side. Exit the cave and follow the right-hand path which leads back to the temple.

To see the Bat Cave, take the steps leading to the right from the temple. Inside the cave, countless bats flutter and chirp overhead, flying out to the forest and back through a narrow natural chimney. Locals use bamboo poles to hunt the creatures by swatting them out of the air. The circuit ends near a hilltop stupa with impressive views.

The turn-off to Phnom Sorsia is on NH33, 13.5km southeast of Kampot and 1.3km northwest of the White Horse Roundabout near Kep. Look for a sign reading ‘Phnom Sorsia Resort’ – from there a dirt road leads about 1km northeast through the rice fields.

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