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Spean Thma Stone Bridge

Spean Thma Stone Bridge

Updated: 2017-05-28 06:19:10

Spean Thma (Khmer: ស្ពានថ្ម) in Angkor, Cambodia is known as the bridge of stone and it is located west of Ta Keo. It is one of the few Khmer Empire era bridges to have survived to the modern day.

It was built on the former path of the Siem Reap River between Angkor Thom and the Eastern Baray and it was probably rebuilt after the Khmer period (around the 15th century), as it includes many reused sandstone blocks.

The 14 narrow arches are 1.10 m wide.

Several other bridges on the same model are visible: in the Angkor site (Spean Memai) and at several locations of the former empire. On the road from Angkor to Beng Mealea, the Spean Praptos is one of the longest with 25 arches.

Spean Thmar is located 200 meters (656 feet) east of Thommanon. It can be accessed by walk to the side of the road and down the path.


Spean Thma is a bridge constructed of reused blocks of sandstone of varying shapes and sizes, which suggests it was built to replace an earlier one.

Spean Thmar

The orientation of the bridge seems odd because the course of the river has changed. The river one flows along the right side of the bridge of under its arches.


The bridge is supported on massive pillars, the openings between them spanned by narrow corbel arches. There are reportedly traces of 14 arches.

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